Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Currently

 surprisingly pretty excited to move back with my parents

obsessing over: besides waiting for this stupid letter (see "wishing:") these, this and finding some awesome DIY's to put on my To Do list.

working on: this blog, I mean I'm constantly looking for inspiration to change it up, so if you're reading this in a reader jump over and let me know what you think?

thinking about: dying my hair back to brown, my natural hair colour. I love being a redhead and I know the colour suits me very well but I'm having to dye my hair every couple weeks and that's getting expensive.

anticipating: This massive move I'm about to partake in. Okay maybe not that massive but I have to go through all my belongings, see what I'm going to leave with Duncan, then try and fit everything into my car. Plus moving away from Dunc for a year!

listening to: 99 Problems by Hugo

eating: Kernel's Caramel Corn, about 1/2 3/4 of a bag...sugar!

wishing: the letter giving me a job for summer arrives quickly! I got an over-the-phone interview this past Friday and she basically gave me the job but I have to wait for the paper work for actual confirmation and celebration.

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