Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I lost 20 lbs

My sister asked: How did you lose 20 lbs?

(Oh by the way I'm down 20 lbs, yeah me!)

I really couldn't give my sister a straight answer on this question, I mean in the last 13 weeks, I've gone to the gym at least 3 times a week but my eating habits probably changed weekly. 
In a past post I mentioned that I can't stick with something very long, which is totally true, especially when it comes to what I can or can not eat.

So what did I do to lose those 20 lbs?...

I used ViSalus shakes for about a month before I got really tired of drinking my food. I know some people have had amazing results with this shake regimen, and I can understand why. You have 2 shakes a day (they replace 2 meals) then you have 2 small snacks and a low cal meal. This is definitely do-able, but for me it wasn't do-able for very long. I like to chew!

 Over the next couple weeks I tried going back to the "17 Day Diet" (I lost about 15 lbs on this last summer, but have sadly gained that all back). This diet is a no carb diet, at least for the first 17 days, I believe there are 3-4 total steps in this diet, but I haven't really gone past step 2. My thing with low/no carb is that I know it works, I lose tons of weight fast but then I gain it all back. This diet doesn't help me learn how to eat in the regular world so I've vetoed all no carb diets for the future.

Now I'm using the HCG Zero capsules, but not really following the diet plan. I'm a rule breaker! If you know anything about HCG it's a hormone that the body produces when it's pregnant, this hormone helps break down the fat so it's easier for your body to use for energy. Now you can get this in drops that you take 3 times a day before meals and people have lost tons and I mean tons of weight. But here's the kicker, you're only allowed to eat 500 calories! I know totally crazy, I will never be able to only eat 500 calories in a day.
The HCG capsules have no actual HCG hormone in them (they use the name HCG for marketing) but they have other stuff that helps break down fat and decrease appetite. You are also supposed to count calories and weigh your food while using the capsules. Since I am working out I was told that I should eat between 800 - 1200 calories a day. I did this for about a week (told you I can't stick with anything) and I lost about a pound a day. Which is awesome results but I hate counting calories.

Basically my weight loss of 20 lbs comes down to me changing it up, although I'm pretty sure I could have lost more weight in 13 weeks if I actually stuck to one of these things, but that's not me.

So right now, I'm still taking the HCG capsules but am not counting my calories, instead I'm listening to my body. I'm trying to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I do not want to over fill myself with food or eat out of boredom or emotion. So far it's going quite well, I don't know if the capsules are helping with this as they are said to decrease appetite, but I do know I'm enjoying my food and not feeling hungry.

So that was this week's Weight Loss Wednesday, hope it was interesting/helpful/insightful.
I'll see you tomorrow!

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions, they are not meant to be medical advise.

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