Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday

Since tattoo's excite me so much and I love seeing other's work I thought I'd share mine with the world.

(Excuse the not-so-great pictures, apparently taking pictures of your own body parts isn't as easy as you might think)

This is a Lily (hopefully you would have figured that out) it was my first tattoo at age 16. It's on my ankle and is almost my favorite tattoo, I love how there's no outlines just colour shading. It was done by Troy at Freedom Tattoo in Vernon, BC.

Since I got the tattoo done when I was 16 years old I needed my parents permission. I remember being surprised when my mom actually allowed me to get the Lily. Later she would tell me that she didn't think that tattoo would be that big (it's not that big, really).

I have four other tattoo's to share with you so make sure to check back over the next couple weeks!

PS. Do you have any tattoos? I would love to see them and hear about your story!

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