Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changes are a coming..slowly

It's official as of Wednesday I am back in school and can call myself a student again...

I am currently very overwhelmed, still excited but a little more nervous, there is so much to learn!

To totally change subjects now, there are changes that I want to happen on Lucky Chickadee I'm just not there yet with my school. I want to turn this into a Design Blog that is both about myself and about helping others with tutorials or design ideas.

So with that said I am still going to be posting but not as often (about 3 days a week) as I was back before summer. I still want to be part of this blogging world but as Lucky Chickadee sits right now it doesn't make me very passionate, not enough to spend a lot of time on the blog.

As soon as I feel like I've learned some decent skills you will see crazy changes and I'm so excited, just bear with me until that happens.

Oh and did I just have a massive brain fart or did text books get crazy expensive? $100 a book, HA fat chance!

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