Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Damn you Scale!

I have decided to boycott the scale! This is just getting frustrating.

I can say my eating habits have improved from moving in with my parents, my mom makes dinner pretty much every night (pretty sweet, I know!) so the options are 99.9% healthy.

My new job is crazy physical and I can feel a difference in how my muscles look and feel, plus my clothes are definitely looser.

So with all this awesome-ness how one week I can be 206 lbs and this week I'm 210 lbs? This is madness!

If I'm being completely honest, of course in the evenings my eating can be totally a lot better but it's not bad enough for a 4 lb weight gain, crazy - stupid - arg!

I really want to be below 200 lbs by the end of June, this needs to happen. So I'm bumping up more exercise by getting a bicycle and hopefully starting Roller Derby (woo!) but I think it comes down to my eating really needs to be perfect. This fact pisses me off!

I do not want to have to write down everything I eat, it bugs the crap out of me! I think what really needs to change is for me to eat only when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. I can do this pretty well until some emotion or boredom come into play.

I'm so irritated with the scale, I know I feel smaller so why can't the scale be on my side!

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  1. Hey lady.. Always remember that muscle weighs more than fat so if the scale went up 4lbs it's most likely muscle ;) but your right put the scale away.. It's a number don't let control how you feel.
    Miss you ;)