Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today is May 1st, and with this total change in scenery I thought I'd really try to change my lifestyle, so today I'm sharing some goals I've set for myself for the month of May.

1. Start to Cycle - I'm not renewing my car insurance at the end of May since it'll save me more money, and since my parents are avid cyclists I thought I'd join. It will soon be my main mode of transportation so I think I should start practising.

2. Start Running...again. I was doing a running program about a month ago but fell off the wagon. I'm going to see how much energy I have after working all day and enjoying some cycling. But I would like to get my jog on.

3. I'd like to do my first DIY post on Lucky Chickadee. I really want to start crafting and creating stuff especially since I really feel like I'm in the environment that supports this.

4. Do a outfit post on Lucky Chickadee. Somedays I don't care what I put on, this is mostly due to I'm not happy with how my body looks in clothing, but I want to start enjoying what I wear. To force me to put my style and body out there this is a good way to start.

5. Start Thrifting! Now I've never been much for second hand goods, they kind a gross me out, but since I've been diving more into the blog world I've noticed people find amazing things.


  1. HI! I got here through Kelsae's blog, not sure if I've been by before or not... My memory is so bad! Wanted to say "hi!" =]

    I really like your goals! I've got to get my bike fixed up so I can ride it again. Looking forward to seeing your crafty posts and what you find thrifting!

    1. Hey! Thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it!