Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Makes Me Happy

Today has not been a happy day. Both times I've been at work this week it's just been a piss off and full of annoyance. Nothing specific has been happening, just people pushing my buttons, not on purpose, I think...

So when I came home this evening, I realized I am not really hungry, which is super weird since I've had like 3 90 cal ice cream sticks, shrimp and a baked potato with cottage cheese. I didn't have a shake today since I got out of bed late and wasn't hungry at work this evening...But now my Duncan and his friend are eating Chinese food and it smells so good! I thought about the one piece that I might steal and enjoy secretly, but what if it isn't as amazing as it smells? I would hate to eat something that isn't good for me and it not be worth it. So I won't eat it, I'll make these:


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