Friday, March 15, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader

I'm sure many of you may know that Google Reader is going bye bye as of July 1 2013. When I heard this news I'll admit I may have sucked all the air out of the room, I love my google reader, although it can be frustrating at moments I haven't found a equivalent blog reader I really love as much.


As I've been reading around the web, a lot of people are switching over to Bloglovin', which I've been using a little. I've also heard of Feedly but find it not very user friendly as I don't understand how to view my blogs.

I know Google Reader isn't leaving until July I may as well do the switch as soon as possible so I can start using the new reader. Right now I've chosen Bloglovin' because they made it extremely easy to import my blogs from Google Reader. See how easy it is here.

But I have some issues with Bloglovin'. I hate that I can't see all the pictures or the whole post on Bloglovin' I actually have to change to the actual blog to read the entire post. Google Reader has a 'follow' button that can be used on any blog even if they don't have a follow button or GFC showing. I don't believe Bloglovin' has this, if it does I would LOVE to know!

What blog reader are you going to use to replace Google Reader?

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