Monday, December 3, 2012

November Goals RECAP

goal recap


  • Write a letter to a loved one, and mail it Wrote one to Duncan and sent it with his anniversary present
  • Take more photos - didn't accomplish this at all


  • Lose 5 lbs - Not down anymore and am taking a break from weighing myself this holiday season. No food guilt for me!
  • Attempt the benchmark test for roller derby And I passed! My first scrimmage should be January
  • Run at least twice a week - It's hard to find motivation to run outside when it's so wet, and it was wet...all the time


  • Decide on two blogs to sponsor Technically only one and am not sure if Lucky Chickadee is where I want to be to start paying to advertise
  • Start contacting other bloggers about button swaps - Nope but I have some leads just haven't followed through. Feel free to contact me if you're interested


  • Create at least one more blog template - it seems that I never made time to do this but I promise it's coming

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