Saturday, December 1, 2012

7 Years

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Today marks the day 7 years ago when Duncan and I chose to take our relationship from friends to something more.
Today I am sad, only because I can't be with Duncan. I'll see him in a couple weeks but we've been apart for almost 3 months now and this stuff is getting hard.
I am grateful, so grateful for the amazing relationship that we have. When I moved away 7 months ago I didn't know where we were headed, but he stepped up and surprised me. I am more certain now then I have ever been that he is the one that I want.

Dunc and Meg 2006

Us on graduation day 6 and a half years ago...don't we look so young?

Dunc and Meg 2012

Us this past summer watching the Festival of Lights in Vancouver (not my proudest picture)

We found each other when we were so young, I'm still amazed how strong we've grown together. I'm lucky that I've found Duncan and I'm proud to call him mine.
Here's to another awesome 7 years baby!

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