Thursday, November 8, 2012

Itch for Ink

I have tattoos, 5 to be exact, I love tattoos and would love some more please. But alas they are expensive, especially when they fill half an arm or a thigh, so I will wait but hopefully not that much longer.

Ink Inspiration

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My roller derby helmet is white and clean. Others (most) have stickers on their helmets, be it team stickers, their number or an assortment of stickers they love. The reason I don't have any stickers on my helmet, I realized the other day, was...

I have commitment issues

The reason I'm talking about helmets and stickers on a post about tattoos is because I do not have this problem with tattoos. With stickers my worst fear is that I will put one on then change my mind, I won't like it anymore or it looks crappy.
I do not have this issue with tattoos

I can think of an idea then have to permanently put on my body next month and completely love it and never have I regretted a tattoo.

I don't know if this says I trust myself..or am just really weird.

Do you have sticker-commitment-phobia, or regret a tattoo, or have that need-a-new-tattoo-itch? Tell me about it!

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