Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Personal Moment

Warning**this post contains swear words**

I've noticed I haven't posted a lot about myself in a long while and I've been meaning to get a message out there.

I am not skinny but I am still fucking beautiful

Excuse the swearing but I felt like it was needed. I'm a bit mad at myself and some other people because of the "bad" talk we do to ourselves.
For example this year I have lost 37 that is an amazing amount of weight and I know that technically my BMI is still in the obese category but I need to let up on myself. Because really my boyfriend is not going to purpose faster if I was skinnier, people won't like me more after I've lost another 30 lbs, so come on self, cut this "I suck because I'm not trying harder" bullshit.
There is just so many other things going on in my life that need and should have presidence over thinking about my weight.
For instance, I have two weeks left of this semester, I miss Duncan more then my heart can bare and I've comitted myself to kicking ass at roller derby. All of these things are more important then they size of my pants so why do they get less brain time?

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Well that felt good. And you know what?! I want to hear from you, please let me know how you are feeling about yourself, how body image affects your life or just tell me how awesome I am because we all like being told that :)

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