Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why can't we all just get along?

How about we stop living to be rich, how about we stop living for power.

I don't know if it's because I'm watching the news more often or if corruption is just happening more but it makes me sad for our society.

Why is it our first inclination to sue someone, or to kill a dog when the owner should be punished. Is it because it's easier? Going to cost less money?

Why is everything about money?

I know I want to make an income that allows me to live comfortably, put a roof over my head, keep my stomach full, and send my children to college. I don't need to be a millionare, what is that money going to get me?
More stuff, pretty much, more things that won't fill my life with love, precious relationships and the memories that come with them.

I want to live my life for the people, for the animals, for the environment. They are the ones that deserve our attention, our extra money. Sometimes I wish for a day of less technology, maybe things will be simpler. For the day that we don't jump to violence or to blame someone else. Where is the responsibility on us? Where is the responsibility of the government to be there for the people?

I don't believe pit bulls should be banned in BC. I think people need to be punished correctly if their dog does something wrong. I understand pit bulls were bred to hunt but they were also bred to be companions. We (humans) have created this breed, now we are disowning them because some can no longer handle what we created. It is not fair to kill a dog, just like it is not fair to kill a human.
Dog attacks are horrible but I truly believe they can be averted if the owner takes responsibility over their dog.

Is it wrong of me to want love and peace for all? Is it so hard for our society to love our neighbours instead of blaming them for their uncut grass or noisy dog. What happened to talking to each other, helping each other out.

Let's start the revolution! Have you shared the love today?

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