Saturday, October 27, 2012


When I started my summer job this past May it made sense for me to stop wearing make-up. I will admit I was a bit self conscious at the start, previously I would have never imagined going to work without make-up on. But after 4 months it actually felt awesome to not cover my face with 'stuff', plus I didn't have anyone I needed to impress.

So yesterday I had the urge to put some make-up on, not sure why but it was fun. I took pictures, the before and after, and was curious to see if anyone would comment since I haven't worn make-up since starting school.

I can say no one noticed, but I did feel different, I knew I looked good but I also felt a little weird, plus a little gross. I had a lot of 'stuff' on my face and since I'm used to touching my face this was not a clean hand day...ew.

Pretty darn hot without make-up :)

What I learned is that I'm okay not wearing make-up and actually prefer not to.
I want to say that it feels good not feeling like I have to cover my face, every "flaw" that I think I see. For those girls that love wearing make-up, good for you! It seriously takes a lot of work and if you feel good then that's even better. But to those who do up their face to try and attrack a man, don't. It's amazing how many men prefer a, no make-up look.

Be true to yourself, you are truly beautiful.

How do you feel about make-up?

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