Friday, September 21, 2012

When life give you chai....drink it!

This summer I discovered my love of Chai, and not even Chai tea but lattes!

It's become a bit of a habit to have a Chai latte every morning. And no I don't go out and spend $5 a day at starbucks or someplace because you know student+unemployed=no money. I make my own and it's so so easy!

If you have a Costco near you, you are one lucky person since it is so much cheaper to buy the Chai concentrate there then from Superstore (I think it's just in Canada...but anyway) 

How to make your own Chai Latte:

1. Grab a mug - usually one that makes you super duper happy. I got this one from my sisters last birthday, it makes me smile.

2. Take milk - I use almond milk (read why I think cows milk is icky). Fill your mug half full of milk, whichever kind you prefer.

3. Fill the rest up with Chai concentrate. Now I buy Tazo because Costco sells it, so I haven't tried any other brand. But I'm sure I wouldn't be picky.

The nice thing about making this yourself is that you can play with the ratio of milk:chai. I love, love, love the taste so I make mine strong!

4. You are welcome to drink this cold but..ew. So I pop mine in the microwave, 1 minute, stir, 1 more minute, and BAM you have yourself some delicious Chai.

Now I'm sure you can get all fancy with this. My mom has a steamer and I could steam my milk and make it frothy but...that seems like too much work in the morning.

So go now, be free and make yourself some delicious, delicious Chai!

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