Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I Learned This Summer

Wow this summer has gone by so fast, I didn't even think about the blog.
Now my summer job is finished and I FINALLY start school on Wednesday I am back and plan to fill these pages with some more awesome-ness.

Since I haven't posted in so long here's a list of what I learned about myself and the world in the Summer of 2012.

1. I am slightly lactose intolerant, I think. All I know is I pretty sure cow's milk makes my stomach upset. Sometimes ice cream does this to me too but not all the time. Plus I kinda think drinking cow's milk is gross, or just a little weird.

2. Almond Milk is pretty darn awesome. Although most coffee places will charge you extra (and Starbuck's doesn't have it at all!) it is so worth it. Chai lattes taste so much better with almond milk, try it! Unless you know, you're allergic to almond's, then please don't :)

3. I kinda like plants. I always knew flowers were pretty but this summer has opened my eyes to the crazy world of horticulture.

4. I have a new respect for city gardens and will scowl at those who litter or vandalism them!

5. Local food is the best food. This can be hard, eating locally I mean. Of course chocolate can not be naturally found in Western Canada so I am making some exceptions. I discovered that supporting your local farmer's can make you feel better, them richer and everyone less hungry!

6. If I won the lottery I would buy a farm. Now I probably wouldn't run the farm, I would hire people to do that. If I can grow/raise my food then that would be the best thing ever!

7. I kinda want to learn how to be a butcher. Now this is just an inckling inside my head. We have an amazing store in town that butcher's local meat and processes it on site. They smoke their own bacon and make sausages!

8. Wearing no make up can make you feel prettier. I stopped wearing make up since working a physical job would just ruin it, and I like to rub my eyes without worrying about smudging my mascara. It's been 4 whole months since I've worn makeup, every once in a while I would put a little powder on but other then that none. Duncan thinks I'm prettier like this anyway and that's really all that matters.

9. Not all adults act like adults.

That is all.

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