Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Goal Update

 So I originally created some personal goals for the month of May.
These are them:

1. Start to Cycle

2. Start Running...again.

3. I'd like to do my first DIY post.

4. Do a outfit post.

5. Start Thrifting!

I can say none of these goals happened. If you read my post from yesterday things have been happening in May but nothing that I really planned on doing. So new goal time!

I still want to start riding a bike, even though it scares me. With crazy high, and climbing gas prices I don't want to use my car as often as I have, especially with summer around the corner. So as you're reading this hopefully, no, I WILL be on a bicycle trying not to fall off.

Running is a no go. My legs are so tired at the end of the day that a walk is hard enough, I think one exercise goal is good enough for now.

I'm still really interested in creating a DIY and outfit post. I have some awesome ideas for some DIY's, I just need to get my ass around to doing them. Outfit posts are something different as in I feel like I have no style so right now it's not at the forefront of my mind, but they will come.

Thrifting....this is one thing I will admit I used to think was gross. Why in the world would you want someone's old crap. But my eyes have been opened on how awesome some of that crap can be. Plus I like the idea of purchasing used items instead of new, let's reuse!

June has already started and I'm super excited for it (did I say the same thing about May?) I'm feeling more confident in my current surroundings so it's time to be creative and start sharing this awesome world with y'all.

I'll catch you on the flip flop!

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