Sunday, May 13, 2012

23 before 24 UPDATE

I'm back! This weekend and it's most wonderful weather has definitely helped me get out of my funk. So I thought I'd jump back into some of my goals to remind myself of things I've wanted to you and update you on what I've done!

8. Make Blogger friends - I've crossed this off because although I haven't made a massive amount of friends I know I've met someone great, my blogging buddy, Kelsae! Jump over to Total Trainwreck to check out how truly awesome she is.

13. Move to Vancouver Island - I've officially been living in Courtenay, BC for 2 weeks now. They have been hard, like really hard, but so so worth it. I love how beautiful it is here and things will get better.

19. Dance - I catch myself dancing more lately, not really sure why.  Although this is goal that is always on going I feel comfortable being able to cross it off.

21. Dye the tips of my hair some funky colour - So I've attempted this 3 times and have come to the conclusion that without bleaching my tips I won't get the colour vibrancy I want. So this is crossed off because it ain't happening and I'm okay with that. I tried.

I really want to focus on creating DIY and specific projects for Lucky Chickadee  so that is my aim for the next couple months.

And I still have not found a pair of coloured jeans that are not skinny/slim legged? I fear this may never happen.

I'm glad to be back and thanks so much for being patient with me, I promise awesome things are in the future!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you're back to blogging again! And bleaching your hair is easy-peasy. I would totally help you, except you sort of live in another country...

    1. Haha yeah being far away from blog friends is hard! It's not that bleaching is hard it's that I don't know if I want to do the damage, but I might still do it...