Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Currently

Today is the day I head out, the car is packed (almost all my stuff fit) and I'm heading down to Vancouver today. Tomorrow I'll take the ferry over and get to Courtenay but it's a long trip to do in one day, plus I get to see my sisters tonight!

Me, Jocelyn and Samantha - this picture was taken years ago on our way to visit our parents. Really not a great picture of me, look at those eyebrows, geez.

obsessing over:  Iphone cases! Ha I'm sure you've all seen my many posts about picking the right one, I'm still looking.

working on:  reading through all the new blog posts in my Google Reader, need to catch up!

thinking about: Today is the last day I see Dunc for 3 weeks, I think we're both going to cry.

anticipating: Driving 5 hours to Vancouver, I'm a little nervous although I've done it tons of times, but super excited to see my sisters.

listening to: the birds chirping and cars driving by.

eating: nothing, waiting for Duncan to get up so we can go for breakfast.

wishing: Teleportation was real, wouldn't life be easier if we could just zap everywhere.

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