Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fitness Inspiration

Pinterest has been an amazing place for me to find health and fitness inspiration.
From recipes, ideas and words of wisdom if I know I'm slipping I check out my Fitness Board and remind myself why I'm doing this.

Here are a couple things inspiring me today:

Every now and then I get angry enough that I'd like to punch something or someone, so why not punch my laziness? I love this illustration.

If you haven't heard of banana "ice cream" then you need to click the picture! This is one of my favorite things and it's only one ingredient. It's just frozen banana! Yum yum.

Running for 30 minutes straight or for 5 km has been a goal of mine since I started taking exercise seriously. This is a great plan to help build up to running those 30 minutes.

Question: What inspires you to get all healthy and fit?

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